Latest PolarView / DAMOCLES /IWICOS /IOMASA ice and weather info

Overview pictures of northern and southern hemisphere

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Interactive ice browser

Regional pictures from northern hemisphere

AMSR only

The latest images (today)
AMSR based ice maps produced at DCRS
Images from the day before

Other sources of near real time ice information
NCEP (National Center for Environmental Prediction) DMI (Danish Meteorological Institute)
NIC (National Ice Center) FMI (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
FNMOC (Fleet Numerical M&O Center) EUMETSAT Ocean and Sea Ice SAF
SMHI (Swedish Ice Service (Baltic)) Cryosphere Today (University of Illinois)
NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center) (University of Bremen) (DMI Center for Ocean and Ice) IARC-JAXA

Other sources of weather information
(university of Bari, Cologne and Karlsruhe)
Station map, Iceland, South Greenland and Jan Mayen (Karlsruhe)
Latest forecast Jan Mayen
Analysis North Atlantic region, - today (Karlsruhe)

24 hour forecast North Atlantic region, - today (Karlsruhe)
Latest surface observations, North Atlantic region (Köln)
Latest surface observations, Arctic region (Köln)
48 hour forecast North Atlantic region (Karlsruhe)
72 hour forecast North Atlantic region (Karlsruhe)
Surface temperatures and sea level pressure, North Atlantic region (Köln) (Karlsruhe) SST analysis for North Atlantic (NOAA)
SST anomaly (global) (FNMOC-OTIS)

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