investigates impacts of climate

DAMOCLES investigates impacts of climate change in the Arctic

Potential impacts of climate changes in the
Arctic are addressed by the following specific objectives:
Assessment of impact on environment and humans.
The observationally supported model improvements, the model sensitivities and past ranges of variability are combined with new field data. The aim is to evaluate improved predictability and its consequences, as well as the impact of projected changes on adaptation capabilities and vulnerability of the environment and human activities. Exploitation and dissemination of the results are key elements of DAMOCLES.

User-friendly return of information to the community.
A website is available, giving the community updated information about the state of the Arctic (e.g. real-time information of key atmospheric, ice and ocean variables) as well as information about the progress of the science of DAMOCLES. Education is provided through workshops and student scholarships. Results are published both in scientific journals and in the popular-scientific press. The scientists make generally themselves available to the public to the best of their knowledge.