DAMOCLES provides

DAMOCLES provides a substantial step forward from the present state-of -the-art:
Improving monitoring capabilities of the Arctic Ocean, Sea-Ice and Atmosphere through innovative technological advances.

Increasing the knowledge concerning dynamics and thermodynamics of Arctic Ocean Sea-Ice cover and the understanding of its interaction with the Ocean and the Atmosphere in the northern hemisphere climate system.

Improving the data transfer from instruments to users, in near real time, the use of an operational databank and unprecedented data delivery and format agreements between all partners.

Contributing to the development and implementation of observing and forecasting systems to make long-term systematic observations of marine and atmospheric parameters of the Arctic Environment necessary for management strategies in the context of Global Change.

Improving significantly the ability to predict extreme climate events in the Arctic, such as the disappearance of the perennial ice-cover and its consequences.

Improving the knowledge of the adaptive capacity and vulnerability of human activities in the case of extreme climate events, thus enhancing the European Union’s preparedness in terms of environmental and societal terms.