Data management

Rationale behind the "Data Management" work package

Data Management

The database and interface will be implemented according to the System Design Document. Open standards will be utilized wherever possible in order to remove or reduce costs connected to e.g. licenses. Open standards also increases the possibility of extending services beyond the project period as well as e.g. an OpeNDAP implementation opens for communication with existing and future databases in the community.

Along with the implementation of the database, an interface which handles communication between the database and clients has to be implemented. This interface should handle both data insertion and extraction and should confirm to an accepted standard if found.

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute operates the Norwegian service centre for climate modeling (NoSerC, see Within this centre there is a storage facility for climate modelling data, holding some 15 TB of data. NoSerC has developed and operates a metadatabase ( for the datasets stored at the facility. A web interface provides access to the data stored.

 Ørsted-DTU distributes DAMOCLES data via it's interactive ice/weather/ocean information system at

Contact person at DTU: Leif Toudal Pedersen